Interview with the Character #1 – Carolyn Woodsmall and Rachel E. Rittenhouse

Heilà lettori!
Oggi sulla versione in inglese del mio blog inizia una serie di guest post: Intervista con il Personaggio!
Loooo so. E’ in inglese, ma ne vale la pena!

Give it a try!

Irene Aprile

Good morning readers! I am truly happy to see you here today because I am about to launch the first series of guest posts on my blog, that’s called…

*drum roll*

Interview with the Character!

Are you excited?

I am! And I can’t wait to begin. So I’ll stop talking and leave you to read the interview with Carolyn Woodsmall, the main character in Rachel E. Rittenhouse’s Diaries of the Woodsmall Sisters.

Rachel is an author I met through Tribe Writers. You can follow Rachel at and receive updates from a monthly newsletter. She also blogs at her main site: Rachel is also on Facebook and Goodreads and enjoys talking with readers!

Finding Faith: The Diaries of the Woodsmall Sisters ~ Book 1

Finding Faith by Rachel E Rittenhouse

Finding Faith is a diary of 13-year-old Carolyn Woodsmall. Carolyn and I have become close, almost…

View original post 734 more words

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