Interview with the Character #2 – Royce Keller and Staci Troilo

Questa è la seconda Intervista con il Personaggio! Questa settimana ho avuto l’onore di ospitare la magnifica Staci Troilo.
Perché non date un’occhiata?

Irene Aprile

Hello readers! As promised, I am back sharing with you another interview with the character.

This week I’m super glad to host Staci Troilo and the main character of her upcoming novel Type and Cross. Staci is a professional writer and editor. You can get to know her better at, follow her through her facebook page and find her other links and published works here.

Now I leave you to the interview… see you at the end!

Type and Cross: Royce Keller grants an interview.

Staci Troilo

Staci Troilo, author of Type and Cross, a mainstream novel due out this November, sits down with Royce Keller, the male lead of the story. He had insisted on home turf advantage, so they are meeting at his house. It’s summer, right after the novel ends, and he invites her to meet on his patio. There is a breathtaking view…

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